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The US Open, also known as the United States Open Tennis Championships, is a hard court tennis tournament, which represents the modern version of the U.S. National Championship, one of the oldest tennis championships in the world.

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Chronologically, the US Open is the 4th and final Grand Slam tournament of the year, since 1987. Every year, the Grand Slam tournaments start with the Australian Open, followed by the French Open, then Wimbledon and ends with the US Open.

US Open History

The 1st such tournament took place at the Newport Casino in Newport, Rhode Island in August 1881 and was played on grass courts. At that point, the tournament could only be attended by USNLTA (United States National Lawn Tennis Association) member clubs.

However, the US Open, as we know it, was born in 1968 and took place at the West Side Tennis Club. In that year, professional tennis players were allowed to take part in the Grand Slam tournament for the 1st time, as only amateur players could compete in the previous U.S. National Championships until then.

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US Open Rankings

Before betting on US Open games, every responsible gambler checks out the rankings. The US Open odds are also set up considering the rankings. At the same time, a bit of inspiration is a good thing to have. Not once, some of the former winners of the US Open lost against some performance craving underdogs. That why Online Bet Sports will give you the best US Open betting odds to increase your chances of winning.

US Open Results & Rankings!

US Open Players

It’s every tennis player’s dream to take part in the US Open. The tournament is a chance to be among the best tennis players in the world.

To take part in the US Open, a tennis player must have a significant background, as he or she will play along and against the best. This makes betting interesting, as gamblers must study each player from multiple point of views.

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