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Some facts you should know about the US open

The US Open is among the significant events which form the annual Grand Slam in Tennis. This event is held for at least two weeks between August and September. Since the 1870s, the US Open has been played on hard court. It is made up of five major categories, including women’s doubles and singles, men’s doubles and singles as well as mixed doubles. The event is known to develop from the US national championship. This sporting league attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Itis known to have the biggest payouts. Winners pocket millions from the game. If you are interested in learning more about this year’s event, you can read more on news US Open.

What’s new in US Open?

During the US open 2019, Rafael Nadal beat Daniel Medvedev, winning this 19th grand slam title. The player could not hold his emotions as he lay down on the court to celebrate his victory. Though disappointed for losing, Medvedev was courteous enough to congratulate Rafael for his victory. Even though both players gave their fans an exciting game, Nadal maintained his mental resilience up to the last minute. His supporters had a lot of hope in him, and he did not let them down.

Betting on the US Open tennis

The US Open tennis is a one of a kind league that not only involves playing but also betting. If you are interested in betting in support of your favorite player, you need to choose a good site and get the best odds. Before you start betting, you need to do extensive research on the players and know their previous performances to make accurate predictions. You should also take into consideration the surfaces they are playing on since it affects the performance of players.


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