Introduction to the US Open

Every tennis player works hard to win during the Grand slam tournament. This event is held at the end of August. Players and bettors are looking forward to the US Open 2019. Since the tournament is mostly played on hard surfaces, you have to take this into account as you engage in US open betting. Some of the champions that are expected to participate in this year’s event include Naomi Osaka, Serena Williams, Juan Martin, and Novak Djokovic. This year’s event deserves a lot of attention from both sports bettors and casual tennis lovers.

How you should bet on the US Open 2019

Will you participate in US open betting this year?  This is an event that many people place wagers on. The game is scheduled to start on 26th Aug 2019. As we approach this event, it is important that you start looking at 2019 US Open betting odds so that you can identify the players that have high chances of winning in the tournament. Since bookmakers have a lot to offer bettors, you need to compare different sites so that you can choose one that guarantees high payouts and safety. Doing this before the beginning of the event can help you focus on betting. You should also look at the previous performance of different players for you to increase the chance of making the right predictions during this year’s event.

Get a chance to stream the event live by choosing this bookmaker

As you learn more about US Open betting 2019, you should be aware of an online bookmaker that can help you stream the event live. Consider registering at 1XBET for you to stream the game live at no cost. This can give you convenience and help you bet from any location.



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