Introduction to the US Open tennis betting odds

The US Open attracts people from all walks of life. The exciting event takes place in New York on hard courts between August and September. Fans gather to cheer and show support to their favorite tennis players. You can also be part of the next event this year by predicting the winner of the single tournament. Different sites offer US Open betting odds for the championship to help anyone interested in wagering on the game. Whether you prefer the men’s or women’s Grand Slam tournaments, you can find betting odds for the US open for both categories. Your participation can make you a winner of some real cash.

Before finding US Open odds, here is a brief history about the event

us open tennis betting odds

Since 1881, the US Open has been held for two weeks in different courts. When this event was introduced, only men were allowed to compete in the first few years. The tournament was first in Newport on the grass. In 1915, the event was moved to Forest Hills where it was held for a few years. This was when players started competing against each other on clay. In 1978, the tournament merged to Flushing Meadows, marking the beginning of the hard courts’ era. Since then people have been using tennis odds for Us Open to place wagers in support of players such as Ivan Lendi, Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors who are ranked among the best players in the open era.

Finding the best US Open Tennis betting odds

Placing bets on the US open tennis can be rewarding if you find the best odds. The numerous sites that offer these can make the process challenging. You need to choose a site that offers a simple search for the best odds. It should have a well-designed bet system that shows you all the available US open odds within the shortest time possible.


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